Product categories

INTEKNO is the exclusive distributor of GEFRAN in Kazakhstan

Gefran is a specialist in the field of automation solutions and industrial process controls. Gefran designs and produces sensors, systems, electronic components and drives intended for a wide variety of industrial markets

Components and Automation

Gefran designs and manufactures automation control platform offering machine constructors a wide range of specific components.

Instrumentation and Control

Controllers, Programmers, Indicators and other instruments

Power Controllers and Solid State Relays

Advanced Power Controllers, Solid State Power Units and Solid State Relays.

Automation Platforms

GCube is a line of integrated automation solutions that offers a global response to specific automation demands.
It provides transverse and standard solutions and offers common technology services to satisfy specific demands of single automations.

Drive & Motion

This range of products, designed and manufactured at the Drive and Motion Control Unit of Gefran in Gerenzano (VA), consists of a wide range of drives for the speed control of the electric motors such as AC technology, DC technology and Brushless, applied in the most advanced industrial automation segments. Power electronic solutions also used with specific product in the domestic application such as elevators and renewable energies

Inverters for Industrial Application

Inverters for Water Treatment and HVAC

Inverters for Domestic Lift


Gefran offers a complete range of sensors for every need, able to measure all principal physical quantities.

Pressure Transducers

Thermocouples - Resistance Thermometers

Linear position Sensors: Magnetostrictive

Linear position Sensors: Potentiometer

Melt Pressure Sensors

Load Cells

Load cells with Sensormate technology