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Maintenance, Repair and Operation (MRO) Parts from Specialist:

MRO purchases make up only 8%-12% of a typical company’s expenditures.

MRO account for 60% - 80% of the transactions time (Selecting various suppliers, sending RFQs, many contracts, accounts payables, No. of customs clearance declarations etc)

The true cost of MRO material is estimated to be 60% price and 40% process.

It takes a lot of time and manpower (purchasing, accounting, finance, maintenance, engineering) to make and process MRO purchases, not to mention the headaches and inefficiency of managing hundreds – sometimes thousands – of suppliers.

But when you outsource all these functions to single source, you gain a huge savings in cost reductions and efficiencies, because every single transaction is accounted for and standardized.

  • Reduce procurement costs for frequently purchased MRO items
  • Optimize inventory levels to reduce “stock-outs” and avoid excess stock
  • Improve inventory organization
  • Increase control of your inventory reducing theft and shrinkage
  • Increase productivity and maintenance efficiency
  • Allow site locations to share or transfer unused or overstocked items