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Electricals, Chemicals and Machinery components - OEM parts supply.

Understanding your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) can help you lower real costs. The price you pay for a product is only about 30% of its true cost. The other 70% is a combination of procurement, tech/engineering support, audit, receiving, QC-inspection, warehousing, handling, kitting, parts preparation, and assembly. These are real costs that don’t show up on an invoice but do impact your cost of doing business.

We help you lower your Total Cost of Ownership by rethinking your OEM material supply, increasing productivity, offloading unskilled tasks and streamlining inventory management and purchasing.


  • Reach worldwide OEM global brands through single contact in Kazakhstan: Save time on evaluation of suppliers.
  • Integrate with your team to identify OEM critical parts, urgent parts before waiting and wondering what is missing.
  • OEM parts specialized based on industry: Oil and Gas, Transportation, Manufacturing, Service and repairing   divisions.
  • Access to over 3500 well known global brands of OEM parts and components.
  • Reduce your in-house stock and cash flow by ordering Minimum order qty from our available stocks.
  • Technical support with unifying into single brands, alternative brands solutions with lower cost etc.